"Patents for Less" is operated by Quest International, Inc. has been assisting inventors and businesses gain patents for over 25 years. Although I have training as a Patent Agent and have written patent applications for hundreds of inventors, I cannot offer legal advice or represent you in any legal form or capacity.

Patent applications are handled as a technical writing project and are provided so that you may file your own application. I offer writing services and assistance. My services have gained hundreds of patents and I have assisted many inventors in product development and marketing their products, but I can make no guarantee to your products success.

It is important to understand that after filing a patent application, a patent examiner will review your application and produce your first office action where they will find fault with your application. This is their job. They will also search prior art (Past Patents) and will typically reject your application saying it is not novel or that your invention is obvious based upon prior art.

The examiner will typically, reject the claims, point out defects in the specification and drawings and raise other various objections. This is to be expected and this process actually helps create a better and stronger patent in the end.

The first Office Action can take up to 9 months. You typically have 6 months to respond. There can also be a 2nd and Final office action where there may be a compromise or an out right rejection of your 1st Office Action response.  

In general, A Utility Patent is the most difficult to gain. A Design Patent is easier to obtain, but is more limited in its overall protection for your product. A Provisional Application is the simplest and most inexpensive means to gain a Patent Pending status. 

Patents For Less
Patents Services
My fees for writing a patent application are:

Utility Patent Applications - $500 to $750
Provisional Patent Applications - $250 to $500
Design Patent Applications - $350 to $500
Office Action Response - $200 to $300
Federal Trademark Applications - $250 to $500
State Trademark Applications - $100
Copyright Applications - $50

The Range in pricing is dependent upon the number of drawings required
and the complexity of the application and the research required.

Patent office fees are extra and updated fees can be researched on the resource links