Patents are all considered Intellectual Property and they give creative individuals exclusive rights to use, sell and profit from their ideas. These exclusive rights are meant to prevent others from copying, building, or profiting from your protected ideas or technology. Many patents are filed by patent attorneys, but any individual is allowed to file an application "pro se", meaning without an attorney

Utility patents protect mechanical and electrical devices and processes. A patent only protects you in the country where your patent is granted. In order to gain a patent you have to establish that the invention is new and unique. A patent lasts for 20 years. After that time, the invention passes into the public domain where everyone is allowed to produce or use the invention.

Design patents protect you for 17 years and are for certain design aspects of a product. One example would be tire treads. Although the idea of a tire cannot be patented, the unique design of the tire tread can be protected with a design patent.

A Provisional Patent application, is an inexpensive way to gain "Patent Pending" status, but only protects you for one year. At that time you musk convert the Provisional application into a Utility application of the application ceases to offer protection.   

Many products are sold and/or licensed before the patent is ever granted. In order to gain Patent Pending status, you must apply for a Provisional, Utility, Process, or Design Patent. A Utility Patent application process can take up to 3 years before a patent is granted.

Patent applications are handled as a technical writing project and are provided so that you may file your own application. I cannot provide legal advice or representation. I can however write the patent application, fill out the patent forms, provide the patent drawings and walk you thru the process of filing your own patent application and save you thousand of dollars.

All patent applications include a written Specifications including:

Background of the invention (Field of the Invention & Description of the related art)
Summary of the invention
Brief Description of the Drawings
Detailed Descriptions of the Invention
Assistance and Instructions required for filing your own application

Although many applications result in a patent, I cannot guarantee the success of your patent or your products success in the market place. I only offer an alternative to a high priced patent attorney. 

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